Winners 2014

Grant of the City Bratislava

The Bratislava Grant 2014 was awarded to Peter Korček for his Jungle City project. The winner received a grant of EUR 2,000 for photographing the transformations of Bratislava.

Jungle City is/not a visual illusion of our capital city as a place surrounded by wild and unfettered jungle. In my photographic mission which is supposed to confirm this opinion, I decided to focus on the notorious symbols of Bratislava, and through them to illustrate the “Jungle City” status. This list includes the UFO with the New Bridge, so attractive for tourists; the Bratislava Castle; the St. Martin´s Cathedral; Slavín; the Parliament cursed by most citizens; the Aupark shopping centre as the symbol of modern and contemporary “culture”; and, last but not least, Petržalka, the largest neighbourhood in Slovakia, which is, to my big surprise, also hidden behind high, impenetrable green walls.
The Jungle City follows up on my previous Green City project from Bratislava. While in the Green City nature tried to timidly adapt to the concrete jungle of the city, here the roles are exchanged and the city is fully absorbed by nature.

Peter Korček Peter Korček Peter Korček Peter Korček Peter Korček Peter Korček Peter Korček

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